Minot, N.D. (KXNET) — Controversy over library books in recent months sparked the Minot Public Library Board were faced with a decision on whether or not to leave two LGBTQ+ books on their shelves.

After hearing people’s thoughts on the removal, library board members ultimately decided the books will not be removed.

The first book in question was ‘Calvin’, a story about a transgender boy that is preparing for the first day of school and introduces himself to his family and friends for the first time.

The second was ‘Two Boys Kissing’, a young adult novel that follows two 17-year-old boys who try to break a Guinness World Record by kissing for 32 hours.

Some people feel keeping these books on the shelves isn’t appropriate for children to look at freely, and if parents want their children to read these types of books, they should buy them themselves.

Others feel these books fall under the american library associate Bill of Rights, to provide public resources and information, for everyone in all walks of life.

Some also feel these books don’t fall under a recent law signed by the Governor, which bans library books with explicit material.