“This is bullyproof camp, not bully camp. We are learning how to arm ourselves to defend ourselves to defend others,” Instructor Baron Lloyd said.

This summer, kids in the Minot area have the chance to learn how to defend themselves against bullies.

Lloyd has a purple belt and mixed martial arts training. He started the Bullyproof camp after seeing an increase in bullying in the area. At the camp, kids are learning the proper way to defend themselves through various exercises.

“We’re learning boxing, they’re going to be doing sparring, grappling, live exercises,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd said while punching a bag is a part of training getting live action safely is the best.

“If we’re not actually engaging with somebody in front of us you’re not really learning the proper movement and the proper skills needed to actually stay alive in these situations,” Lloyd said.

Along with self-defense, Lloyd is teaching the kids some self-confidence — which he says goes hand in hand when it comes to preventing bullying.

“If you are more cautious in your approach and you’re more ready to de-escalate you’re confident in that because you know if it does rise you’re able to handle that situation but the confidence to be able to de-escalate without the fear of if it goes wrong because when you have that fear it does kind of add that element to the whole situation,” Lloyd said.

The camps are free and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights from 5:30 until 7 as long as weather cooperates at Green Valley Park in Minot.