Police are still looking for their person of interest in a homicide investigation.

Minot Police Chief John Klug says they believe 32-year-old Kamauri Kennedy had direct ties to 33-year old victim Domonique Kelley, who was found dead in a burned car early last month.

He says shortly after Kelley’s body was discovered, a residence of Kennedy’s was intentionally burned.

Minot police have not been able to contact Kennedy, but they believe he could be in either Minnesota or Michigan where he has close ties.

Klug believes if they can have a conversation with Kennedy then more questions can be answered regarding this ongoing investigation.

“There are a lot of things that are starting to fall into place, we’re just not into the point to say this is what definitely happened, but we’re hoping that if we can track the person of interest, if we can track Kamauri down, hopefully, that will give us a little bit better picture,” Klug said.

Anyone with information on this case should call the Minot Police Department at 701-852-0111 or Crime Stoppers at 701-852-7463.