Public schools around the country are making changes to adapt to the rise in coronavirus cases.

Since the school year began, more than 10,000 kids statewide have caught COVID-19, according to the North Dakota Department of Health.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 192 active cases among students.

With omicron still driving positive cases up, schools around the U.S. are adapting as they reopen after the new year.

Superintendent of Minot Public Schools Dr. Mark Vollmer said measures observed last semester will continue.

“We continue to provide Ribena rapid test in our school district which we’ve been doing with adults and considering for parents who want their kids to be tested. We continue our wipe-down procedures, sanitizing as much as possible, continue to provide homework. We’re a one-to-one district meaning every child has a Chromebook so that’s good because we can continue education to the best of our ability during that time,” Vollmer said.

Currently, about 68 staff across the state have tested positive for the virus and there are two active cases among staff in Minot Public Schools.

With a shortage of teaching staff, the spread of the virus is a concern.

Vollmer said they are making it possible for teachers who contract COVID to work from home if they so choose.

“We’re hearing a lot of staff members who have it that doesn’t feel terrible so we have allowed them to telework. That means they’re teaching from their home and broadcast into the classroom for the students, we have an adult in the classroom as well,” said Vollmer.

There are about three active cases among students in Minot Public Schools. Vollmers said each person is responsible for keeping the numbers low by staying home if they’re sick.

Right now, there are 2,046 coronavirus cases across the state.