If you have been wanting to join a band, this may be your opportunity.

Minot State University is starting its first beginning community band this winter. The band is geared toward kids 13 and older as well as adults with an interest in music.

Qualified music teachers-in-training, will then tutor band members in playing both large and small instruments.

Director of Bands at Minot State David Rolandson will supervise the training and says there could be a community performance at the end.

“Part of the fun of music is playing with others and experiencing others so this is an opportunity where people can learn with other beginners and share that kind of community aspect which is really important in music learning and music-making,” Rolandson said.

If you’re interested, there’s an informational session on Saturday where you can come meet Rolandson and his team. The meeting will start at 1 p.m at Old Main 121 on Minot State Campus.

You can also find information on joining the band by visiting their website.