With many people stuck at home for most of this week, they’ve been finding interesting ways to pass the time.

Julianna Mikolajczyk is a 25-year-old who lives in Minot with her family.

“I’ve been here since 2016, so going on six years,” said Mikolajczyk.

Like many others, she was stuck at home on the first day of the blizzard — so she decided to document her experience on TikTok.

”I think the reason I wanted to post it was everybody else, all over the states, are in bathing suits at the beaches and lakes, and we’re here bundled up, having a blizzard,” said Mikolajczyk.

She and her family were stuck at home for the first day so they had to get creative with what they could do.

“We went outside with the dogs and played in the snow for a little bit, as long as we could, and watched movies,” said Mikolajczyk.

On Wednesday, she ventured out.

“The roads weren’t as bad as I thought,” said Mikolajczyk. “I feel like the plowers did really, really well with keeping the roads pretty clean, but the snowdrifts were really, really high. Where they did plow, the snow on the sides was very high as well.”

Mikolajczyk says she didn’t expect a lot of views on her videos, but she’s been receiving comments from people who live all over.

“Just saying ‘Oh not me out here with a sunburn,’ or ‘Oh I just finished tanning at the beach,’ or ‘We just finished going to the pool,'” said Mikolajczyk. “Different things along those lines.”

She’s also been posting on Instagram and her friends from back home in Texas have also been talking about the weather differences.

Mikolajczyk has received over three million views on her videos about the blizzard.