“It doesn’t matter if you’re a biological mom or an adoptive mom or a step mom,” said Alex Wutzke.

We sat down and spoke to several local moms to find out what motherhood really is.

“That’s a really hard question. It’s different every day with every phase,” said Wutzke.

“It’s both the best thing to ever happen to me and the most exhausting thing in the world. But it’s super fun. I get to just watch my kids grow,” said Rebecca Fischer.

Motherhood can be a beautiful thing, but we’re told it doesn’t come without its challenges.

“I took a break from my career for now and I really like the job I have now, raising my son.
I may return at some point before he goes to kindergarten. But most likely after. We’ll just take it day by day,” said Amie Kaiser.

“It’s definitely being willing to sacrifice your hobbies and your time and your body. Give everything to these little humans to try and make them the best they can be,” said Wutzke.

When talking about Mother’s Day, we shouldn’t leave anyone out.

“So because my boyfriend and I aren’t necessarily married right now, I may not be viewed as a stepmom, because they refer to that as once you’re married, then you’re a stepmom. But I still take care of her and make sure her needs are met. So, in that sense, I feel like I am her bonus mom when she’s with her dad,” said Moriah Even.

Even tells us she’s in a relationship where her partner already had a child. While some might have found the situation challenging, she says the more the merrier.

“The four of us have really seemed to give her a positive outlook on life. She’s just a joyful little girl because she has all of this extra love,” said Even.

We spoke to another kind of mother. Faith Schwartz is a grandmother of two.

“It’s like a franchise,” said Schwartz.

She tells us being a grandparent is much different.

“It’s a totally different role. You have to step back and you cannot say a thing. That requires a lot more patience,” said Schwartz.

So, why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

“Moms rock! Moms make the world go round. Literally. There would be no more humans without moms. So yeah, I think motherhood is really important, and those who choose to be a mother…we should celebrate that,” said Wutzke.

So, this Sunday, don’t forget to pick up your flowers for mom. To any mothers out there looking for support, there are several Facebook groups you can join linked below: