NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Former Miss America and Harvard Law graduate Cara Mund is gaining statewide and national attention for being a disruptor in this year’s North Dakota U.S. House race.

KX News stopped by Cara Mund’s last signature collection before turning in her petition to the Secretary of State on Tuesday.

If you spend just a short time around Cara Mund on the campaign trail, you’ll soon realize that her celebrity precedes her.

A steady stream of supporters signed her petition at Jaycee Centennial Park in Bismarck on Thursday.

Mund needs to submit 1,000 acceptable signatures to the Secretary of State to get her name on the ballot for November’s general election for North Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Tuesday when I turn it in I’ll be close to 2,000, so for everyone they throw out I’ll have a backup,” said Mund to her supporters.

Two debates are now set providing the three House candidates, including Congressman Kellly Armstrong and ND Democratic-NPL candidate Mark Haugen, to sit down and wrangle over the issues.

From the get-go, Mund says the Supreme Court’s ruling to take away the constitutional right to abortion drove her to run.

“In cases of rape that women have access to their own reproductive health, same with incest, same with the life of the mother,” said Independent candidate for U.S. House Cara Mund.

In August, KX News spoke with Congressman Kelly Armstrong about abortion.

Armstrong told us, “My number one goal is to effectuate policy that has less abortions tomorrow than there were yesterday.”

Mund says Armstrong’s answer is not good enough.

“Criminalizing doctors is something I am highly against, so I want to know his thoughts other than I am anti-choice,” explained Mund.

Mund has been getting heat for not being clear on which party she would caucus with, should she get elected to Congress.

She says she was going to caucus with Republicans to represent the majority of North Dakotans, but recently things got complicated.

“With the [ND-GOP] party’s chair Perry Schafer said on August 24 that I would not be able to step on stage as a Republican for the next six years, I don’t really think I have a choice who I caucus with, so the ball is in their court. If they’re going to have this mechanism that keeps people out, they will need to be willing to lift it before I would win,” said Mund.

Mund says she plans to confront Congressman Armstrong on his voting record, including Armstrong’s vote against capping expensive insulin prices, and his vote against the federal infrastructure package which will go toward fixing North Dakota’s roads and bridges.

Mund wants to force her competitors to take a stance on controversial issues like Fufeng in Grand Forks, and former AG Wayne Stenehjem’s deleted emails.

“Knowing what their thoughts are, where they are standing on the issues, but also that they’re willing to come forth and state those opinions,” added Mund.

Because high name recognition isn’t going to stop Mund from being known even better by the people of North Dakota.

“For North Dakotans to be able to see your future leader, who’s going to be your leader for your sole representative,” Mund said.

Mund’s deadline to turn in at least 1,000 acceptable signatures to the Secretary of State is Tuesday, September 6 at 4 p.m.

ND-GOP Chairman Perry Schafer also suspended Representative Rick Becker from the Republican party for running as an independent in the U.S. Senate race.