If you haven’t already, now is the time to update your ID’s and drivers licenses to Real ID’s.
If you don’t, it may soon affect your travel plans.

Starting October 1st, U.S. travelers must have a Real ID to board domestic flights.
Currently, only 41 % of North Dakotans have made the switch.
With the Federal deadline only 6 months away, the Department of Transportation is encouraging everyone to come in now.

“We are projecting that we are going to be extremely busy.
We may not have appointments at all our sites.
So, it’s better to do it all and not wait until the very end.
Once you have the Real ID, you won’t have to bring all of those documents back to renew,” said Brad Schaffer, Driver’s License Director.

Due to COVID restrictions, you have to make an appointment before going in.

To make an appointment with NDDOT, click HERE.