North Dakota Highway Patrol wants to remind people that driving while high is still considered driving under the influence.

The agency had close to 1,600 drug-related arrests in 2020, including driving under the influence of marijuana.

All troopers are required to take an advance roadside impairment detection enforcement course.

This class helps them identify signs of which drug a driver may be under the influence of.

The agency also has drug recognition experts who can help with the investigation.

“After an officer makes an arrest, they’ll come down to whatever location they’re at whether it’s at the jail or roadside to help the officer determine what kind of drugs are on board. And obviously, you have to have a willing participant or individual you arrest has to be cooperative,” said Sgt. Wade Kadrmas, the Safety and Education officer for the NDHP.

Kadrmas says if the substance makes you feel different, it will make you drive different.