New group hopes to plant 1,000 trees throughout Minot

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The goal is a greener landscape for Minot, which led to a new tree planting group.

North Dakota is known for many things. The great outdoors is one of them, but a lack of trees has raised concern.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve been able to identify that many of the trees that suffered during the flood and just the age of them we started losing trees in Minot and we wanted to find a way to help and bring those trees back,” Donna Bye said.

To do that, Bye and Tim Baumann created 1,000 Trees for Minot.

“We kicked the project off April 22nd of this year on Earth Day,” Baumann said.

Their mission is in the group’s name.

By 2026, their hope is to have 1,000 trees planted throughout the city.

“Trees are really important for building a beautiful community,” Baumann explained. “They also help us get out and get healthy and be outside and move. They make our community attractive and attract new families and young families. Plus they provide habitat for wildlife.”

And trees aren’t cheap.

The project costs about $100,000.

“That breaks down to the cost per tree, the labor that it is,” Bye said. “Obviously some of that growth and maintenance to get to a point where we can plant it and then of course the follow-up watering and the tree trimming.”

A lot of support has come from area businesses like Atypical Brewery and Straights Concessions who both are donating parts of their proceeds to the project.

“We’ve lost a number of trees as a result of the flood and this seems like a great opportunity as we build out our billion-dollar flood protection plan to see if we can’t find some ways to incorporate some green into the Magic City,” Shannon Straight, the owner of Straights Concessions, said.

“You know, obviously trees just have numerous benefits and not to mention the oxygen that we breath in and that whole ordeal,” Eric Johnson, the co-owner of Atypical Brewery, said. “So, we’re very excited to work with them on this.”

Bye and Baumann say help can come in more ways than money.

“We also have an opportunity for you to register trees,” Bye said. “So, if you’re going to plant four trees or you’re going to donate those trees, we want to make sure we keep track of them so we know that we’re making a difference.”

A difference that could improve both the community and environment.

If you’re interested in pitching in to help the 1,000 Trees for Minot project, click here.

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