Minot has a new place for supportive housing.

Bubba’s Place serves as a transition, sober or safe house for people who may be seeking recovery and/or those coming out of treatment or incarceration.

The home in northwest Minot can house up to six residents at a time.

The goal is to serve as temporary housing to help people in need, get back on their feet.

It focuses on support for mental health, recovery and accessing outside resources to move forward.

“I’ve grown a lot, spiritually and mentally since I’ve been here. It’s really tapped into helping me resolve a lot of my inner issues, so it’s been a blessing for me,” current resident Jessica Colombe said.

“We have an open-door policy,” explained Michaela Newnam, Vice President of Bubba’s Place. “Come in, we’ll get you in. There’s no discrimination about what it is, where you came from, where you’re going. We’ll set you up with the supports that we can come up with and just be there to support you through it so that way you don’t feel like you have to go back to where you were.”

Bubba’s Place is a part of Embrace ND Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to addiction, recovery and mental health support.

The house’s namesake is in honor of an Embrace ND member who died of an overdose last year.

For more information about Embrace ND Inc. or Bubba’s Place, call 701-839-4273 or visit 408 1st St. NW.