MANDAN, N.D (KXNET) — If there’s one thing the popularity of pet photos and videos on the internet has taught us, it’s that people can’t get enough of cats. Their sleek and cute appearances, combined with their lovable demeanor, make them wildly popular pets.

However, much like any household pet, they can be affected by diseases, tragic situations, and other conditions that may leave them in rescue homes. Fortunately, places like Mandan’s Kitty City are always ready to take care of these beloved animals.

Kitty City has a huge number of rescued cats that are taken care of — sometimes from their time as kittens to the end of their lives. But many of the cats that call the city their home are ready to move out and into the arms of loving owners.

We’re all animal lovers here at KX News, and to help the rescue find good homes for its many residents, we’d like to highlight some of the cats available for adoption at Kitty City. Take a look at some of the fantastic felines available!

Dreamer and Adelita

In multiple visits to Kity City, we have focused on two cats rather than just one — in addition to a kitten boom, we’ve featured bonded pairs like Marco and Polo and Clawdia and Daisy. Today, the newest pair on the list makes an appearance.

Dreamer and Adelita (a male and female, respectively) are two kittens who will soon be ready for adoption. The two were born to a feral mother, who has since been spayed and moved to an appropriate barn. For more information, here’s a clip from the rescue featuring the cute little kits:

Like all cats from Kitty City, Dreamer and Adelita are microchipped, dewormed, and very socialized. Vaccinations on the duo have begun, and rescue volunteers expect that they will be ready for adoption next week.


As Kitty City often seeks to remind readers, just because a cat may have a disability doesn’t mean that it is any less of a perfect pet. This is exactly the case with Mel — who will always be ready to provide love, even if he may not be able to hear when you need it.

Mel is approximately five years old. Despite being deaf, Kitty City states that he needs absolutely no special care — and that he’s also a perfect lap cat, best friend, or bed warmer. Mel was raised with a dog, and is stated to be good with other cats as well, making him a perfect addition to any home.

If you’d like to learn more about Mel, here’s a video from Kitty City with some extra information!

Like any other cat from Kitty City, Mel has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.

Tigger Woods

With the golf courses open once again, many are looking to hit the green in the hope of finding a perfect game or the elusive hole-in-one. However, as this week’s featured cat shows, sometimes you can find unexpected surprises at the golf course — including a little ball of fluff that’s eager to be your at-home caddy.

Tigger Woods was a stray that was noted to have been around a Mandan golf course for some time before being picked up by Kitty City. However, nobody claimed him, meaning that Woods is now up for adoption. According to Kitty City, he is a friendly little fellow, and would do well in any home. He loves to give headbutts, hugs, and kisses.

To tell us a little more about Tigger, here’s a video from Kitty City themselves!

Like any other cat from Kitty City, Tigger Woods has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.


It’s been some time since we highlighted a cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or Wobbly Cat Syndrome — and there’s no better way to do so than focusing on Sashay. This Torti female may have trouble keeping her balance sometimes, she would love to remain steady on an adoptive parent’s lap.

Sashay is approximately ten months old, and while she wobbles when she walks and sometimes falls, it does not do too much to hamper her. She can climb, but not jump, can use a litter box without issue, and will even lie down to use the box. Here’s a video of Sashay at play!

While Sashay would love to follow her owner around, Kitty City stresses that she must remain as an indoor cat, and cannot be declawed under any circumstances. However, when it comes to indoors, they state that she would do well in any setting or with any owner, including children, seniors, families, and single residents. Here’s a video from the center itself talking more about Sashay!

Like other cats from Kitty City, Sashay is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and FIV tested.

Kitten Commotion

Kitty City has seen a sudden influx of kittens — and as such, they’re looking for those who would be willing to give these new bundles of joy good forever homes. From orange, black and white, or gray and white to gray and calico kittens, there’s one for every favorite cat color. Take a look at these naturally cute newborns with these photos, sent directly from Kitty City.

Here’s a video from the rescue themselves, in which volunteers discuss the kittens and show off a few!

The kittens are all eating well, and successfully using the litterbox. They will be placed at the Petco in Bismarck for adoption. In order to prevent Single Kitten Syndrome, though, Kitty City suggests that you consider adopting at least two at a time.

You can also view more on the kittens by visiting, or the organization’s Facebook page.

All kittens, like other cats from Kitty City, have been dewormed, have age-appropriate vaccinations, and are microchipped.


Gillian is one of the chatterboxes of Kitty City. According to the rescue, she can be very vocal when she wants attention — but she’s just as loving as she is loud.

The organization states that she would be a wonderful addition to any household, and would not only be happy in either an apartment or house, but gets along well with dogs, kids, and even other cats. Gillian also has no special needs or food requirements, and has been trained to use the litter box.

Here are a couple of photos of Gillian!

Just in case you weren’t already interested, here’s a message from Kitty City themselves — where they chat a bit about what makes this chatty catty a great candidate for adoption.

Just like every cat from Kitty City, Gillian is already spayed, microchipped, FIV tested, and vaccinated. She is a great pick for both families and single households, and one who is just as loving as she is talkative. If you’re interested in bringing Gillian home, give the rescue a call!


Not everybody likes chilly weather, and though we may be on the tail end of winter here, a little bit of cold is nice every now and then. This is especially the case with Kitty City’s Frost — a loving cat who’s sure to warm the hearts of everyone who meets her.

A young cat believed to be one year old, Frost was found as a stray, and suffered extremely severe frostbite in her youth — causing her to lose 2/3 of her tail and four of her toes. Despite this, volunteers at the rescue state that this hasn’t stopped her from loving everyone and everything around her — including people and dogs — and that she enjoys living life to the fullest. And as it happens, the cold didn’t make her any less adorable, either.

Just in case you need a little more convincing to let the cold in, here’s a video from Kitty City featuring Frost!

Like all other cats from Kitty City, Frost is spayed, FIV tested, vaccinated, and microchipped, and is just waiting for someone to bring her home. If you think she’d be a great fit for your family, feel free to give the rescue a call!

Clawdia and Daisy

This mid-April edition of News from Kitty City features Clawdia and Daisy, another beautifully bonded pair of cats. While one suffers from a lack of eyesight and the other from a lack of hearing, it doesn’t do anything to diminish their love for one another — or for their owner. Take a look at these two fine felines in action!

The younger of the two cats, Clawdia, is six years old. She is completely blind and does not have eyes. Despite this, Kitty City reports that she is able to navigate without any issues, making her way around the shelter and even climbing cat towers.

Daisy, the older member of the pair, is a geriatric cat around 15 years old. She is deaf, and missing part of both of her ears. While she is a long-haired cat, Daisy is shaved twice a year at Kitty City, due to the potential to get mats in her fur and the difficulty that comes with grooming cats in old age.

To explain a little more about Clawdia and Daisy, here’s a video from Kitty City volunteers talking about the pair!

One can hear and one can see, and as such, Clawdia and Daisy fit together perfectly as a bonded pair, and Kitty City hopes that the duo can find a good home that is willing to accommodate both of them. Like all of the rescue’s residents, both Clawdia and Debbie are spayed, FIV tested, vaccinated, microchipped, and completely healthy. As the rescue always seeks to remind animal lovers, just because a cat may have disabilities does not mean they aren’t just as deserving of love as any other!


This week, Kitty City seeks to find a good home for Mya (pronounced ‘My Ya’), a sweet, playful cat who may have some difficulty seeing, but has no problems showing just how much she loves those who care for her.

Mya is not only blind in one eye, but she only has a pinhole of vision in the other — meaning it can sometimes be very difficult for her to see. When Kitty City first found her, Mya was going in circles with her head to the ground as a result of this condition. Her exact age is unknown, but she is believed to be approximately four years old. While the rescue does understand that there may be some stigma behind adopting cats with disabilities, Kitty City would like to remind people that all cats– and animals in general, for that matter — deserve a happy home. Putting aside her condition, Mya is extremely sweet, independent, and playful. Here’s Kitty City Volunteer Laura Schmidt-Dockter telling us more about this little bundle of joy.

If Mya were to be adopted, she would need to be a fully indoor cat — because a blind cat outside, as Kitty City notes, will not fare well and has a low chance of survival. While inside, though, Mya gets along well with other cats, and can navigate her surroundings well after adjusting. This city resident is an extremely sweet one who would be forever in debt to her new owner.

Here are a few more pictures of Mya in action!

Mya is already spayed, FIV tested, vaccinated, and microchipped, but Kitty City cannot and will not declaw her. This is due to the fact that a blind cat needs any defensive mechanisms they may have.

Gatsby (ADOPTED)

After an unprecedented delay, we return to Kitty City with a focus on Gatsby — a roughly 15-year-old cat whose massive frame also holds a massive heart. While he does have FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which is similar to the HIV virus in humans) like some of the organization’s other rescues, this doesn’t slow him down.

“He’s the Kitty City flirt,” explains volunteer Andrea Lawler. “He loves to be held. He wants to be on everyone’s lap. He loves to cuddle. We would really love to see this guy adopted out.”

In regards to Gatsby being FIV-positive, the volunteers of Kitty City would like to remind those interested in adoption that the disease can only be spread from cat to cat, and only by means such as deep wounds or bites. Humans cannot spread it between cats. Putting aside the condition, Gatsby is a harmless and very affectionate cat — except when he underestimates his own weight and attempts to climb your pant leg (as our reporter learned).

Here’s a photo of Gatsby and Andrea!

Gatsby is in the final stages of FIV. Regardless, it’s the hope of the shelter that they can find someone who is willing to give Gatsby the happy life he deserves — and enough love to match the amount that he holds in his gigantic figure.

“We don’t want people to be scared of FIV-positive cats,” Lawler states. “Even though you may not have a lot of time with Gatsby, the last few years of his life would be wonderful — and that’s what we truly want for him.”

Just like any other cat from Kitty City, Gatsby is vaccinated, fixed, and microchipped.

Marco and Polo (ADOPTED)

UPDATE: This pair has successfully been adopted out.

Our first pair of cats to be featured on KX News is a duo by the name of Marco and Polo. Fitting their names, the two are a bonded pair, and Kitty City is hoping that anyone who is looking to adopt one of them will also take the other. The cats have been described as extremely sweet and playful, and eager to head to a good home. As a quick reference going forward, Marco is the darker member of the pair, and Polo’s fur is a lighter color.

Polo (Left) and Marco (right)

Both Marco and Polo have what is known as WCS, or ‘Wobbly Cat Syndrome’ — but the more exact term is ‘Cerebellar Hypoplasia’. In cats who develop WCS, the cerebellum (the part of the brain responsible for coordination and balance) does not develop properly, resulting in a lack of coordination and jerking movements of the head while eating and drinking. The syndrome is not contagious, and while there is no cure, experts have stated that cats with WCS do not experience any harmful or serious effects. They also both have Polydactyly, which results in each kitten possessing extra toes on each foot.

Just because they have some trouble walking, though, does not mean that they need help: the two are perfectly capable of moving, jumping, and navigating rooms on their own, and have plenty of experience getting around closed rooms. However, it’s advised that cats with WCS are placed in houses or rooms with few high places so that they run less risk of falling and becoming injured.

Marco and Polo may wobble a bit, but they’re very friendly, curious, and loving cats. Here’s a collection of photographs of the pair!

If you’re not already sold on Marco and Polo, here are a few videos featuring this delightful duo — a friendly bout of play-fighting, and a short clip of Polo getting up close and personal with our reporter.

Just like any other cats from Kitty City, if they are adopted, Marco and Polo will be vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, and FIV/FELV tested. Microchipping is also free for every cat.

To learn more about Kitty City, or any other adoption opportunities, visit Kitty City’s website.

This article will constantly be updated twice a month. Be sure to check back to learn about more of the many cats up for adoption, as well as any events that the rescue will be hosting!