An Ashley farmer jailed in Ukraine has been released from jail but remains in the war-torn country.

Kurt Groszhans is charged with attempting to assassinate Ukraine‘s then-agriculture minister, Roman Leschenko.

The conditions of Groszhans’ release were not immediately clear. Groszhans’ family has said the charges are false and aimed at silencing his claims of corruption in Ukraine.

In a statement to KX News, Sen. John Hoeven says:

“Mr. Groszhans is no longer in prison, however he is still in Ukraine. We continue to work with his family, our State Department and Ukrainian officials in regard to his fair treatment and safety.”

Hoeven’s office says the senator met with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink, and briefed her on the situation and the need to make sure Groszhans receives fair treatment.

His office added that for security reasons and out of respect for Groszhans’ family, the office is unable to provide further details.