Cryptocurrency has found its way to North Dakota.

A cryptocurrency kiosk was installed at the Williston Basin International Airport, making it the first government-hosted machine at an airport.

Provided by Coin Cloud, it will allow users to trade using over 40 digital currencies, including bitcoin.

Finance Director Hercules Cummings says it is a major step in normalizing the use of cryptocurrency.

“The city recognizes that cryptocurrency as a whole is growing and evolving and submitted itself to technology, proving itself and we believe that it is here to stay,” Cummings said.

Revenue will be shared between Coin Cloud and the city of Williston, according to Cummings.

Coin Cloud CEO Chris McAlary says their aim is to reach more people with digital currency.

“We think digital currency is becoming mainstream, we’re a big part of that and we wanna install access to these digital currencies everywhere and that includes smaller towns in the far reaches of the Unites States like Williston,” McAlary said.

McAlary said taking digital currencies to remote areas of the country is an important part of CoinCloud.

If you’re looking for more information on how to trade, click here.