The State Senate will have all new leaders when it goes back into session in January 2023.

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Joan Heckaman announced Thursday she will not be running for office again, a day after Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner announced he was retiring.

Since 2007, Heckaman has represented District 23 in the area around New Rockford. However, redistricting eliminated her district and she’s decided not to run again.

She had some advice for anyone planning to run for statewide office.

“I think it’s important to work across the aisle, work with everyone. There’s 140 other people down there that have excellent opinions and issues in their districts that they’re bringing forward. Also, listen to everybody, I think that’s really important so that as you work on pieces of legislation, compromises will need to be made for sure,” said Heckaman.

As a retired teacher, Heckaman says she will continue her work to ensure rural schools receive all the resources they need.

She’ll also push for a greater share of school funding to come from the state’s Legacy Fund as opposed to property taxes.