North Dakota Veterans are all joyful about their trip to Washington, D.C. after having an honor flight chartered by Western North Dakota Honor Flight.

“It feels kind of good to be home after 30 years, and I still love North Dakota. I’m an old hand North Dakota boy now because I’ve been there for forty years,” Air Force Veteran Willard Rose said.

While D.C. may be home to Rose, it was just in reach for veteran, John Weisgerber, who never got the chance to visit when he served, until now.

“I was in the vicinity but was never in Washington. It’s probably been over 25, 30 years that I kind of had been waiting,” Weisgerber said.

Although our veterans were miles away from home, they were surprised with a greeting from heroes who also call North Dakota home. The North Dakota National Guard welcomed them as they arrived at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

“Awesome. That was beautiful. That really touched me, because we didn’t expect that, and I didn’t even know that they were going to be here,” Rose said.

Attractions like the Arlington National Cemetery and the Changing of the Guard Ceremony are just some of the places visited on the first day of arrival.

“The grace and the honor of the soldiers, those soldiers are really a great program,” Weisgerber said.

Monday, April 11th is the final day of the honor flight. The attendees still plan on visiting the Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Memorial before they return to North Dakota.