WHITESTOWN, INDIANA (KXNET) — The Fargo Little League team this afternoon pulled off an upset, defeating the Sioux Falls, South Dakota team in the Midwest Region Tournament in Whitestown, Indiana. Fargo won 9-7 and now heads to the Little League Word Series representing the Midwest in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

This is the first time a North Dakota team has made it to the Little League World Series.

South Dakota, at 4-0, was the only team that remained undefeated in the Midwest tournament, while North Dakota had lost only one game earlier in the semifinals winner’s bracket — to South Dakota, by a score of 7-3.

Fargo dominated its opponents during the series, winning 15-1 over Kansas City, 16-2 over Wisconsin and 12-7 over Iowa. That set up Friday’s rematch with South Dakota for the title.

Fargo will play in the world series on August 18 against the winner between the Mid-Atlantic champ and the Southwest champ.

Before today, the closest time a North Dakota team got to the Little League World Series was in 2018, when they lost in the regional championship.