BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — North Dakota is a state that tends to pride itself on hard work. From our farmers and ranchers to our electrical and mineral workers, our industries are those that are synonymous with hard labor and constant productivity. And as new research shows, this work can reap serious rewards — at least, for the state’s overall economy.

As part of a study to determine the most productive states in America, business growth site UpFlip analyzed the most up-to-date labor productivity data by state and region from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (last updated in May 2023). From this information, the group was able to not only discover the total number of hours worked by employees across all fifty states, but also the value that this labor added to the state’s economy. The studied areas were then ranked by the amount of approximate amount of value per hour of work. When North Dakota’s value per hour was found, it was determined that workers in the Peace Garden State aren’t just some of the country’s hardest workers — they’re also some of its most profitable, and the average value they bring to the nation is among the highest of any American territory.

RankStateTotal Hours Worked in 2022Total Value-Added Output in 2022Value Added Per Hour Worked
1New York14,296,359,000$ 1,725,176,181,000$120.67
2Washington5,502,872,000$ 589,474,184,000$107.12
3Delaware691,655,000$ 71,992,738,000$104.09
4California28,667,560,000$ 2,946,631,780,000$102.79
5Connecticut2,663,494,000$ 270,067,808,000$101.40
6Massachusetts5,788,586,000$ 578,919,659,000$100.01
7Alaska478,625,000$ 47,769,139,000$99.80
8New Jersey6,540,085,000$ 613,007,042,000$93.73
9Illinois9,381,312,000$ 858,996,574,000$91.56
10North Dakota636,005,000$ 57,416,183,000$90.28

While ND may not be the state with the largest number of hours worked in the top ten or the largest amount of value-added output, the average value of each individual hour North Dakotans work is still fairly high, and in 2022, employees sent an average of about $90 back into the state’s economy for every hour worked.

“While it can be fairly easy to work out which states are adding the most value to the economy,” explains a spokesperson from UpFlip in a press release. “Measuring this against the hours worked is where it gets interesting, with many potential surprises featuring in this top ten from all corners of the country. When it comes to the value added per hour worked statistic, the US average sits at $79.48, and around half of all 50 states sit below this, showing that many states are providing well for the economy, regardless of size and population.”

In order to view more information about productivity across the United States, visit this page on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website.