BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Given the stress many experience with holiday shopping, it might be a good idea to plan things out some time in advance. Oftentimes, those who are hoping to get the best out of their shopping will put great work into organizing, locating, and scheduling time to hunt down the perfect presents before the holiday rush.

Despite the importance of buying early and Black Friday serving as a prime opportunity to get the big-ticket items, however, many people often scramble during the last minute to complete their holiday shopping…. but according to a recent study, North Dakotans don’t seem to fit into that category.

Data from the information site CasinoGuardian combined the results of a poll among 2,017 Americans and search volume data from Google Trends to reveal which of the 50 states were the most organized and timely when it comes to getting their shopping done as early as possible. Responses and search results were then collated in order to assign ‘last-minute scores’ to each state. The higher this score, the less organized the state is.

When it comes to organization, our very own state reigns supreme: North Dakota boasts the lowest risk of last-minute shopping with a score of 0.5. This means that ND has both the lowest proportion of people who start shopping for Christmas gifts in the last week before the holiday and the lowest searches around related shopping items. Of the 10% of those surveyed who said they began their holiday shopping in the final week, only 1% were based in North Dakota.

This is even more impressive when you consider the terms analyzed using Google Trends — with items like ‘gifts for her’, ‘gifts for him’, ‘same-day delivery’, and ‘secret Santa’ being looked at during the period of December 20-25th in December last year. In this category, North Dakota had the lowest search volume, with a score of 0/10.

Conversely, Alaska is the state that’s been deemed the least organized, boasting a combined last-minute score of 6.8/10 on the scale. This rate is followed by Arkansas with a score of 6.5. Surprisingly, other Midwest states like Montana and Wyoming are the exact opposite of North Dakota — with both boasting high scores of 6.3.

Alaska clearly isn’t the only state guilty of later holiday plans, though. All throughout the country searches for ‘next-day delivery’ peak on the 23rd of December. Across all of the information, there are also other trends noted in overall late giving: in the last week before Christmas, searches for ‘secret Santa, ‘next-day flower delivery’ and other quick stocking stuffers skyrocket as well, suggesting that smaller gifts for friends or workplace events are typically last on our shopping list.

“Every year, people will find themselves vowing to start their gift shopping earlier than they did the year before, in order to reduce stress and take advantage of limited discounts and deals,” said a spokesperson for CasinoGuardian in a press release. “However – for whatever reason – many still struggle to prioritize buying presents before the last minute. This data shows that if that’s you this year, you’re not alone – and luckily there are plenty of next-day delivery offerings still available for you to benefit from this year.”

To view the full study on the most organized Christmas shoppers in the United States, visit these Google Trends pages for earlier shopping plans and last-minute options.