BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The COVID-19 pandemic, and the improvements of this decade in general, have brought a huge number of changes to the workforce of the United States. Not only did the quarantine period serve to drastically increase the number of people working either remotely or in hybrid positions, but this came at a perfect time to coincide with a sudden boom in jobs in other careers (such as the healthcare and green energy industries). This means that recent years have seen huge boosts in both the number of jobs and workers in almost every field. But which of these occupations grew the fastest, and by how much? This is a question that the real estate blog CommercialCafe aimed to solve by using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In North Dakota, the job that saw the largest increase in the number of positions were those of property, real estate, and community association managers — which reported a 207% increase in employees (830 in 2021 as opposed to 270 in 2012). This major jump, while not massive in number when compared to other states, is of major note particularly for how large it is when compared to other rates of growth.

With the country’s shift towards alternative fuels becoming more and more prevalent, it’s only natural that these lines of work tend to have the most gains in recent years. It’s particularly clear in the solar and wind energy fields. Photovoltaic installers, who work with solar power, held the fastest level of growth among all jobs at 249%, with wind turbine service technicians coming in second with a 216% increase across the nation.

These aren’t the only increases throughout the country, however: eight states showcased significant growths in industrial occupations, including Indiana, which added multiplied their own industrial jobs 432% throughout the decade, and California had a 560% increase in the transportation industry. And as much as our state relies on farming, it’s actually only showing major increases in Maryland and Georgia (287% and 276%, respectively)

Much like many of our mood swings during the pandemic, though, it is worth noting that there have been ups and downs over the decade and that these gains haven’t always been steady. Fast food, retail, and entertainment jobs, in particular, faced a tremendous drop in the wake of 2020’s COVID pandemic, but then quickly skyrocketed back up, with rates in some states reaching incredible levels of growth (North Carolina boasted a 1,705% increase in fast food service jobs over the decade).

In general business, industrial, and healthcare jobs consist of the most shares of the US labor market, and it’s clear to see that this is a trend that won’t die down anytime soon as it’s been listed as the largest-growing industry in 11 states. Michigan, in particular, has had an immense growth , with an increase of ophthalmic medical technicians by 678% from 2012 to 2021. Other popular jobs across the states are administration and financial jobs, marriage and family therapists, and manicurists and pedicurists.

As our need for workers increases, so too does the US’s need for jobs, and it’s easy to see where the best placed for many of these industries are with the massive swells in growth they experience across some states. And for the sake of those graduating and entering the workforce, we hope these are upwards trends that continue far into the future.

The full study, including results for each state and detailed maps, are available here.