916 signatures have now been collected to petition the state auditor to investigate the finances of the Williston Basin School District 7.

Right now, private auditors are combing through the books of Districts 1 and 8 before they merged to form District 7. But concerned residents said a general audit is not enough.

So far, the private auditors have identified a discrepancy in the finances of District 1 and the concerned residents said it’s time for the state to take over.

Dawn Hollingsworth, a member of the group, said she doesn’t expect it to come at an additional cost.

“No matter how you look at it an audit is going to cost so it doesn’t matter if it’s a private firm or if it’s the state that comes in it is a cost. I know some people have been saying well that’s going to cost us double now. No, the other audit will not take place, the general will not take place as the state will come in and do all of the above so to speak,” said Hollingsworth.

The state auditor will verify each of those signatures before any action is taken.