A little friendly competition never hurt anyone…so this time, we brought our pets into the equation.

Some pets of the KX News team joined in on the fun to pick the winner of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game between the Kansas Jayhawks and North Carolina Tar Heels.

And the winner they chose by a pretty close margin? The Kansas Jayhawks!

Let’s profile the pets who took part.

Reporter Kyara Brown’s dog, Chance, is a 4-year-old, energetic Weimaraner who loves hunting with his dad. He chose Kansas!

KX News at 9 Anchor Becky Farr’s dog, Carl, is a 1-year-old, energetic Labrador retriever. He chose Kansas!

Chief Meteorologist Tom Schrader’s dog, 4-year-old Izzy, is a well-mannered Labrador retriever. She chose Kansas!

Reporter Lauren Davis’ cat, 11-month-old Apollo, loves to eat treats, nap with his brother, Salem, and play with toys. He picked Kansas!

Digital Producer Hannah Woosley-Collins’ dog, 3-year-old Attica, is a terrier mix who loves walks and sitting outside in the North Dakota wind. She chose UNC!

Anchor Brooke Williams’ cat, Oliver Twister, is a 4-year-old who loves food, treats and waking his mom up at 3 a.m. with incessant meowing. He picked UNC!

And Executive Producer Steph Malloy’s cat, 6-year-old Sickle, loves waking up his dad at 5 a.m., curling up in the sun, hot towels and daily treat time. He chose UNC!

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game will begin at 8:20 p.m.

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