There are some Bismarck students brewing up real life experience.

KX takes a look into their coffee shop in this week’s Positively North Dakota.

There is a hidden gem in the Hughes Education Building: Learning A-Latte, an in-house coffee shop employed by students serving up cups of joe to the staff in the building that already has a snack cart.

“I was approached by a couple of employees and I had some ideas from an instructional aide that I had worked with. And so she gave me a lot of help too and we just took it from there,” explained Kristi Ware, the Employment Education Coordinator for BPS.

Students work every Tuesday and Thursday.

They’re responsible for taking orders, creating the drinks and delivering them.

“What we created this work site for was for eligible high school students who want to gain some employment hands-on experience before going out and applying for a part-time or full-time employment,” explained Ware.

Through the employment education program, eligible students working at Learning A-Latte earn credit toward graduation.

But Ware says it’s about more than just the grade and job experience they learn.

“You can see a lot of growth from when they start. They learn a lot. They learn about money, customer service. They improve their communication skills. Just a lot of things. You know they practice interviewing. So a lot of problem-solving stuff, how to get along with coworkers,” explained Ware.

Each student says they have their favorite thing about working at Learning A-Latte.

“Well be making all sorts of different beverages like hot or even cold or even frozen,” said Dawson McLellan.

“Having a listening to good music and counting money,” shared Logan Heaton and Mercedes Wolff.

The employment education program has up to 70 high schoolers job training at local businesses throughout the community.

All the money earned through the coffee shop goes toward expenses for supplies that the students then go shopping for.