A public health worker who also is an artist is working on a project that recognizes those who have passed away from COVID.

Daphne Clark started the COVID Portrait Project in Divide, McKenzie, Mountrail and Williams Counties.

People can fill out a form to either request a portrait or as an artist who will complete the portrait.

Artists don’t have to live in those counties to participate and they will be paid $100 for each portrait they complete, thanks to a grant and multiple partnerships.

“I think in all of the craziness that has surrounded COVID, we really– I think have lost a little bit of that remembering there are real people attached to the numbers that we see and that are given to us every day,” said Clark. “And what I really want to do is bring that connection to those real people.”

The portraits will be given back to the families who lost someone to the coronavirus.

If you’d like a portrait of your loved one done or are an artist who would like to help, you can email covidportraitprojectnd@gmail.com, contact Clark at 701-651-3424 or pick up a registration form at Castle Framing in Williston.