The Morton County State’s Attorney says Chad Isaak, planned out the path of his crime a week before he committed quadruple murder.

New court documents filed by the State ask the Judge in the case to rule on surveillance evidence ahead of the planned June trial. The State says Isaak was shown on surveillance cameras traveling to and from RJR Maintenance and Management in the early morning hours of March 25, one week ahead of the April 1st murders of four RJR employees in 2019.

The State says the evidence shows the plan and preparation taken by Chad Isaak. The Prosecution says they anticipate the defense will argue it’s a ‘prior crime or other act’ and not admissible as evidence, so that’s why they’re requesting the pre-trial ruling.

KX News reported last week that Isaak’s defense attorneys have withdrawn from the case.
No new attorneys have gone on file as of today. Isaak’s trial is set to start June 7th and last three weeks.