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KX News hit the road on Friday for the fifth, and final, part of our Summer Road Trip — to Beulah!

Brooke Williams, Nicholas Quallich, Dave Holder and Nikiya Carrero made the drive for the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts to bring you the news live on location.

And just in case you missed it, here’s a recap of the stories we’ve shared from Beulah:

Mercer County Museum shows us the area’s rich history

After becoming a city in 1914, the area has gone through many phases.

“The railroad came through in 1913 and ’14 and that’s when Mercer County really started to prosper because the railroad cut right through the middle of Mercer County and the steamboats became nonexistence then because it was just so much more convenient to do all your business with the train,” explained Leilani Meyhoff, who has worked at Mercer County Museum since 2006.

A huge influx of Germans from Russia immigrated to the area in the 1880s, but the museum says there were people also from Sweden, Norway and Ireland.

It’s the melting pot of cultures that make up the items inside.

All the items in the museum are donated by the people who have called the area home — and their top priority is to keep the history of Mercer County alive.

The museum has items that date back to the Native Americans that called the land home before the settlers, and also houses one of the world’s largest farm toy collections.

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3 generations later, Molco bowling alley still brings family fun to Beulah

In 1972, the Mohl family began letting the good times roll, taking over the local bowling alley.

Sisters Charity and Hope saw the business pass down three generations, from their grandfather to their father and now them.

Originally, the family was going to sell it after their father passed away in 2015 — but that’s when the sisters realized they just couldn’t do that to their family’s years of hard work.

“Charity sent me a survey that the community had done, and I don’t know who did the survey, it was on SurveyMonkey. And it was if there were any business that you could have town, what would you want? And when she sent it to me there were 123 comments or responses to the survey and over 80 percent of them were that they wanted the bowling alley back,” shared Ochsner.

Since deciding not to sell the family business, the sisters have renovated about 80 percent of the building — adding virtual golf, a bar and an area for live entertainment.

They add that their goal is to make sure everyone can feel at home.

Next year marks 50 years since the family first opened their business and they say they’re planning a huge celebration to commemorate being part of this community.

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Beulah business owners take pride in their community

As a small, tight-knit community, shopping local is vital for everyone in the city.

Growing up in Beulah, Paula Schaper has always taken pride in her community.

When she decided to open her business after years of management, she didn’t see herself opening up one anywhere else.

“We use to have like two grocery stores. We had a movie theater. We had two hardware stores. Lots of booming businesses on Main Street. So I know the potential in what Beulah could be, and so that helps me and motivates me too cause I want to be a part of the community that grew up in,” explained Schaper, the owner of Hidden Treasure Boutique.

While some people have called Beulah home their whole lives, people like Thomas Bazdorf, of Timeless Tattoos, are excited to bring something new to the area.

“Seeing that there’s not another tattoo shop in, I believe like 60 to 70 miles in any direction, just gives us a nice advantage for everybody that’s here. Everybody has to travel so far so why not,” explained Bazdorf.

Business owners are not the only ones who benefit from people shopping local, as those dollars are turned around and reinvested back into the community.

There are 111 individually-owned businesses in Beulah, varying from restaurants to salons to medical offices.

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Nearly 500 alumni returning to Beulah for all-class reunion

It’s back, and bigger and better after being postponed last year due to the pandemic.

Approximately 500 alumni are returning home to Beulah to celebrate school spirit. Beulah’s 12th all-class reunion is not just a celebration amongst classmates, but also families.

“It’s also nice in small towns, you often have multigenerational situations. So many of our parents went to school in the same school that we went to and many of our children are going to the same school we went to and so it’s nice to be able to bring everyone together,” said Jessica Biesterfeld, Beulah’s Alumni Association President.

Biesterfeld says with communities like Beulah, you see many people move away after graduating high school. So an all-class reunion not only allows people to reconnect with each other, but also the community.

The reunion typically takes place every five years, but after having to be pushed back a year the anticipation for the weekend-long celebration has people coming from near and far.

“The one that stands out the most, I was so shocked to get this one is, there’s a lady from 1947 — the class of 1947 that is showing up. She is flying in from Arizona for the event and I’m so happy that somebody of that age is going to come and join us,” said Biesterfeld.

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Geneis Brunmeier travels from Arizona to ND to be part of the Beulah High School reunion

There are hundreds of alumni in Beulah for the High School’s all-class reunion.

We were joined by Geneis Brunmeier, who was part of the 1947 graduating class.

She traveled from Arizona to be here this weekend.

Brunmeier said it’s been fantastic being back in Beulah this weekend.

“First I stopped in Minot and met my great, great grandson, and my sister picked me up and I joined the rest of my family. We’re all here,” she said. “I was born and raised here. I graduated from school in 1947. All my siblings live here, or not too far away.”

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KX Conversation: Beulah Alumni President Jessica Biesterfeld talks events happening in the community

As our final KX Summer Road Trip is in Beulah, it’s only fitting that Jessica Biersterseld, the Beulah Alumni President, joined us for our July 30 edition of KX Conversation.

We discussed events going on this weekend, traditions people take part in, how long they’ve been planning this reunion and much more.

For the full story, click here.

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