Spending habits are on an upward trend as sales tax in Minot is now nearing pre-pandemic levels, according to the Minot Area Chamber EDC.

They say it is a sign of a revival of the local economy.

In its Economy At a Glance report, the EDC says data it collected show sales tax for November 2021 totaled nearly $1.3 million.

That is about $400,000 more than the same time period in 2020.

The EDC collects this data in order to help steer businesses and investors in the right direction.

“The data is hard and good and they’re usable and myself or somebody says the economy is doing well, we’re probably looking at the sales tax numbers when we say that,” said Executive Director John MacMartin.

Other areas that saw growth over the period include hotel lodgings, transportation, residential and commercial housing. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate remains high compared to the pre-pandemic era and state average but it falls below the national average.