North Dakota District 7 House Representative Rick Becker said Wednesday night he will not seek re-election to his legislative seat this year.

The Bismarck Republican has served in the House since 2013.

“I came to my realization that the work is never done. There will never be a time where I can say I accomplished what I wanted, I can go now,” Becker said.

With that in mind, coupled with the work he has accomplished as a state representative, Becker felt now was the right time to “retire” from the Legislature.

Becker says what has meant the most for him during his 10 years as a lawmaker was having people he didn’t know come up to him and say thank you and that they stand with him.

Becker said there’s still a lot to be done, legislatively, and even though he is leaving as a lawmaker, he still hopes to do what he can to make North Dakota and the state Republican party stronger.