6/21/22, 2:17 p.m.

Riverdale City Council President Jerry Orth says after losing hundreds of gallons of raw, untreated water, the valve to the supply line has mostly been closed, and those numbers are way down. Orth added that the water plant wasn’t technically what failed, that a supply line from the lake to the water plant was still connected to the original line from the 1940s, and that original line burst.

The plan is to cap off that line permanently. A project approved last month at a city council meeting will replace the entire line to the water plant, including new pipes and a new route. While it’s still in the planning stage, they hope to break ground next year, Orth added.

Water plant crews aren’t able to get the valve completely closed, so in the meantime, residents are still asked to conserve water. Orth says he anticipates a contractor to be in Riverdale next week to work on the issue.

He says this is the second, raw waterline break in two months, so the new line is much-needed.

6/20/22, 2:39 p.m.

Riverdale and Underwood residents are being asked to restrict water use after a failure at the Riverdale water plant over the past weekend.

According to a post on the McLean County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page on Sunday, the cities are asking that water be used only when necessary. They’ve asked that you please not water lawns, wash cars, etc.

KX News reached out to the Riverdale City Maintenance Department for an update, but city employees are out of office until Thursday. We’ll update when more information is available.