The Roosevelt Park Zoo has grown again!

Zoya, the zoo’s female Amur tiger, gave birth to three healthy tiger cubs on Saturday, March 19. The three cubs will become part of the future for saving this species from extinction, Zoo Director Jeff Bullock said in a press release.

The zoo was able to track Zoya’s pregnancy from the time of breeding to get a prediction for the births, Bullock added.

Once the cubs are older and Zoya is more comfortable, the cubs will get an examination from the veterinarian who will determine their gender and weight.

And with the welcome of three cubs comes a learning opportunity.

The birth of these cubs is all possible thanks to the huge exhibit that opened back in 2020.

Its spacious and naturalistic enclosure allowed for the welcome of Viktor — the dad of the zoo’s newest cubs and made way for species preservation.

“The fact that we can do this for this species and help their numbers and their genetics and everything like that,” senior lead zookeeper Chelsea Mihalick said. “But also getting everyone to know it’s not just about these obviously cute and cuddly babies ..but seeing what we’re doing has a big impact for not just zoos but also our community as well.”

The day-old cubs and their mother are still doing well.

The cubs won’t be able to be seen by guests until they’re older and able to move around the habitat. Until then, their progress will be posted on the RPZ Facebook page.