It’s summertime and more people are outside working, whether they are farmers, construction workers or even homeowners, fixing stuff around the house.

Dr. Matthew Zimny said when temperatures get in the 90s, people should plan their days so they aren’t out when it’s the hottest.

“If your plan is to like, ‘Hey I’m going to be outside doing heavy exertion work knowing it’s going to be as hot as it is, I’m to do something to mitigate that,'” Zimny said.

If your job requires you to be in the sun for a long period of time try to have a place to go to cool down,
and not getting dehydrated is key.

“Your body cools itself by sweating so you’re able to sweat and the cooling process begins when the hot air takes the water on your skin takes heat with it so as long as you are drinking to maintain your ability to sweat that’s what you’re looking for,” Zimny said.

Remember to take frequent breaks either inside or in the shade when you are working outside. Zimny said your body usually tells you when it’s time.

“Your body will have a good ability to say, ‘Hey I’m uncomfortable and I really need to get out of this environment’ and so most people if you’re able to are going to find a way to take a little bit to not be in the sun,” Zimny said.

Zimny said if your body starts feeling strange after being in the heat for a long time, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.