MINOT, N.D. (KX News) — North Dakota nice rang true for one young lady this week after she was in a car crash.

A woman driving by — a complete stranger — stopped to help before emergency services could arrive.

“I was thoroughly shocked by it. Normally to me, it’s just something you would do and so I didn’t expect to see a post [on Facebook] and one of my friends had mentioned it because I talked to them about it. And they were like I think that’s your accident and then I looked online and I was like, yeah that’s the one I helped,” said Cameon Eisenzimmer.

Eisenzimmer was driving on Tuesday when she came upon a car crash.

“The first car had damage and I could see on the second car that the airbag had actually been deployed so I found the quickest spot that I could turn around safely, and then I turned around and parked in the trailer park right there, and ran over to make sure everybody was OK,” said Eisenzimmer.

Molly Haffner was one of the people in those wrecked cars.

“It was my first one and I got very anxious and started having a panic attack. And there was this very nice young lady that came and sat in my car and she made sure I was OK,” said Molly.

She says a stranger, who she later found out would be Eisenzimmer, helped her with her breathing and helped calm her down.

“She made sure I stayed in my car and helped me and just kept reassuring me that a car’s replaceable and I’m not. And she was just very happy that I was OK,” said Molly.

Jolene Haffner, Molly’s mom, says she posted online with the hope of finding the person who helped her daughter.

“She got in the car later with me and she said, ‘Mom, there was a lady that came and sat with me and helped me breathe, but I never got to thank her.’ So that’s why we went out on the search to find her,” said Jolene.

When Eisenzimmer saw the post, she reached out to Jolene and asked if Molly was OK, and introduced herself.

“She was like, ‘Can you post so other people can thank you?’ This is something not a lot of– she goes, nobody else stopped, it was just you,” said Eisenzimmer.

But Eisenzimmer says because of the fact that no one else stopped, she knew she had to.

“It’s always been engrained. I don’t know if you want to call it North Dakota nice, or whatever you want to call it, but my mom had always taught me that you never know if it could be you or somebody you know or a friend or family in the vehicle,” she said.

Molly says it’s amazing to know that people genuinely want to help without getting something in return.

“She just came and help and left, like she wasn’t expecting anything. She wasn’t like, ‘Oh I need to stay around for a thank you,'” said Molly.
“Yeah,” added Jolene.
“It was really sweet,” said Molly.

Molly didn’t sustain any serious injuries, and she says she’s glad she got the opportunity to thank Eisenzimmer for helping her that day.