MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A successful transit system is more than just on-time buses.

It also needs wheelchair-accessible stations and complete sidewalks near bus stop to serve every resident, which Minot Public Transportation provides.

But now, without a cab company in Minot, there is a gap for people with disabilities needing transportation outside of city hours.

Who can they call when they need to get somewhere?

Organizations serving people with disabilities made their first step toward solving a transportation problem impacting the community.

Without a cab company, Minot Public Transit and Souris Basin Transportation are on their own in getting people in the county to their destinations.

“We’re definitely aware of the needs of the community but like with anything else we also have to work within our constraints that we have as far as federal guidelines and what we can do with the employees that we have and can get,” said Brian Horinka, the superintendent for City of Minot Public Transit System.

City buses are required to be handicapped accessible and are equipped with bike carriers.

So is the Souris Basin Transportation system that provides scheduled rides at an affordable cost.

But city transit only operates from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Souris Basin Transportation gets booked quickly.

With the closing of Central Cab, after-hour ride companies like Uber and Lyft usually cannot accommodate people with disabilities.

Horinka said, “Now with there being no cab companies left in town, that has unfortunately gone away for a lot of after-hours trips or areas where us as a fixture out transit system, we obviously can’t get everywhere in town. And as a fixture out transit system, it does make it a little more challenging for those people who really need that service.”

Horinka added that there are plans to add two to three routes to the city’s transportation system by 2023.

But no plans to expand days or hours anytime soon, because of a shortage of employees right now.

“It’s really tough to find employees. I had stated last week that I just filled a part-time bus driver position that was open for almost two years. So it’s very difficult to find people that will come and do these jobs right now,” explained Horinka.

Meetings between organizations serving people with disabilities and the City of Minot are being held to brainstorm ways to serve all people in the area at all times.

Minot City Transit is the most affordable option for transportation.

But outside of regular hours, you can call Souris Basin Transportation to schedule a ride.