Someone You Should Know: Minot High School Cheer Team vying for state title

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At any given time during the school year, competitive cheerleaders across the state are rooting for the home team. But they’re also preparing for their own competitions.

That’s their time to shine and it’s coming up this weekend.

The mat equates to the field, court or rink that other athletes compete on.

Competitions give these girls the opportunity to win a title and a trophy but it’s also the chance for cheerleaders to have their own cheerleaders.

The Minot High Cheer Team currently holds the 2019 State Champion title.

The 2020 March Competition was canceled just two days before the event and the team placed second back in November.

And coming up this Saturday they’ve got one shot to be number one with their overall routine.

“In other sports, you’re working and do games all season to get to state but for us, it’s everything we’ve been working towards all season for that two-minute time on the mat,” said junior Taylor Garaas.

She has been cheering since middle school.

One of the teammates who literally has her back has the same passion for the sport.

“Building that bond with each other where you trust each other on a different level and not just the trust of friendship, it’s the trust of like, trusting them with your life.”

As the 2021 Winter State Competition approaches, the mindset is a bit different than on game day.

“You’re kind of thinking .. this is really it,” Solana Gautschi said. “This is our chance to show everything we really worked for and how hard cheer actually can be. The adrenaline rush when you’re on the mat makes it feel like 10 seconds rather than a minute and a half.”

The girls say they look forward to showing their stuff and all they’ve worked hard for leading up to this point.

“It’s way different than people think. they don’t actually know what it’s like until they see us do a competition, I think .. because then they see the background of it,” said Garaas.

Gautschi added, “People just see the sideline cheer when we say ‘Go Magi’ and ruffling pom poms but it’s a lot more than that because whether you’re a base or a flyer, it’s a lot of strength. Jumps are hard on your body when you’re doing them over and over.”

So if you see them on the sidelines remember that there’s a lot more than what meets the eye and the Minot High School Cheer Team are People You Should Know.

While many athletes and families will be in Minot for the Class B Boys Basketball Tournament this weekend, so will the families of eight high school cheer teams facing off to be state champs.

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