BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The State Canvassing Board has certified all June 14 election results for statewide, legislative and judicial contests.

The board met Thursday afternoon in the Coteau Room in the State Capitol to certify the totals cast in the election from North Dakota’s 53 counties, according to Secretary of State Al Jaeger.

The certified results can be seen on the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website under the election results banner in the lefthand side navigation column.

During the meeting, a “demand recount option” was noted for the House contest in Legislative District 3 in Ward County. The request for one must be received by Tuesday, July 5, Jaeger says.

Jaeger; Petra Mandigo Hulm, clerk of the Supreme Court; Thomas Beadle, state treasurer; Perrie Schafer, chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party; and Patrick Hart, chair of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party all served on the board.