The agenda was jam-packed for a group of North Dakota students covering topics like change within their school, library standards and legislative changes.

Superintendent Kirsten Baesler says she wants to make sure students in smaller school districts have the same opportunities students in larger districts have.

“Capture the ideas that are going on in some of those school districts that we’re hearing about. It’s like they’re solving problems together. We’ll continue that throughout the day. There’s a couple of issues that I want to have a conversation with them about,” said Baesler.

The cabinet is made up of 23 students of all ages, grades and backgrounds which Baesler says is important for decision making.

“That diversity even learning about each other as North Dakota citizens that there are some completely diverse and unique learning experiences that are happening in the schools all across North Dakota. So how do we improve our state system when there’s that type of diversity,” said Baesler.

With each student being from a different part of North Dakota it allows them to bring in an individual view on the state’s education system.

“I’ve been on this cabinet since fourth grade and I’ve really liked coming here and sharing what my school does and figuring out what other schools do, and like how we can improve all of the schools across the state,” said Tristan Orton, an eighth grader at Dickinson Middle School.

“I hear problems or I see things that I want to change, I feel like I could never do something about it. But with the student cabinet it gives me an opportunity to share my feelings and share what I have to say,” said Ella Franklin, a seventh grader at Ben Franklin Middle School.

The plan is to have the students meet once every quarter here at the State Capitol for a whole day.

The Student Cabinet kicked off the day remembering a former cabinet member, Gracie Johnsrud, who was killed in a car accident in late July.