Part of 43rd Avenue NE, East of Centennial Road was blocked off to traffic for hours.

Here’s what we know:

According to a Burleigh County Sheriff’s Corporal, there was a structure fire affecting a single family home, but there is only minor damage inside. A call was made to the Sheriff’s Department at about 5:45 tonight, but the Corporal could not confirm when the fire began.

The Sheriff’s Department says there was no damage visible to the outside of the house, but this was as close as we were allowed to the fire, so we couldn’t get a visual of the house or the damage.

BCSD says they had to use gas masks to search the home, because of the smoke.

The Corporal told KX News there was one victim involved in the fire, but would not answer any follow up questions about their condition. We cannot confirm whether or not the victim is deceased.

At this point, the investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

Aside from Burleigh County Sheriff’s, Bismarck Rural Fire and the Bismarck Fire Department were all on scene. Bismarck Police Department assisted in the blockade.

KX News was told Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was also on scene. However, that has not been officially confirmed.