BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — In the United States alone, 37 individuals die as a result of drunk driving each day. But even if an accident does not occur, piloting a vehicle while under the influence can have serious consequences — and as a recent study from QuoteWizard sadly shows, they’ve been incredibly common here in the Peace Garden state in the past.

By taking data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report from 2010-2019, the organization was able to calculate the total number of DUIs, traffic fatalities, and fatal crashes involving alcohol in every area of the US, as well as any increases or decreases in percentages over time. When these numbers were weighed against one another, it was determined that despite North Dakota’s fondness for alcohol, it is actually not one of the states with the largest number of DUI crashes.

RankStateTotal Traffic FatalitiesPercentage of Fatal Crashes involving AlcoholPercentage of Drivers Legally or Severely Impaired
3Rhode Island6346%39%
5New Hampshire11845%38%
9South Dakota14842%35%
20North Dakota10138%33%
N/AU.S Average42,,93936%31%
Fatal Crashes Involving Alcohol By State in 2021

Although ND was certainly not the state with the largest number of alcohol-related crashes, it does report the highest rate of DUIs per 10,000 citizens on the road, as well as one of the largest percentage change increases from 2010.

RankStateTotal Number of DUIsPercentage Chance Increase from 2010DUIs per 10k drivers
1North Dakota4,83316%87
2South Dakota5,5681%86
N/AU.S. Average755,331-32%33
States with the Highest Rate of DUIs

Although there is an increase in the number of fatal crashes nationwide, the same cannot be said for DUI cases: from 2010 to 2019, the total number of citations for DUI charges decreased by nearly 33%, and only five states (Delaware, the Dakotas, New Hampshire, and Utah) report raises in the number issued. The nationwide drop is believed to primarily be due to a large increase in stricter DUI penalties, awareness campaigns, and programs like Uber or Lyft that prevent individuals from driving while inebriated. Notably, despite having a tremendous increase in the percentage of DUIs issued over the previous years (113%), Delaware is actually one of the states with the lowest overall number of incidents per capita, at only six DUIs per every 10,000 drivers.

Alcohol-related crashes are completely preventable, and if North Dakotans made the choice to remain sober, we could see a large reduction in both accidents and fatalities. If you’re hoping to be a more responsible driver, programs and tips are available on VisionZero.Nd.Gov.

To view the full study, including detailed results for each state, visit this page on Quotewizard’s website.