BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Following a previous study stating that North Dakota’s Christmas spirit was low during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic, more recent findings have revealed that not only has out Christmas spirit seemed to return to a high standing, but that we’re even more festive than ever.

A study of Google search results conducted by analyzed Google search volume for eleven Christmasy terms in each state from October-December of 2022, accounting for both population size and per-capita inhabitants. All results were translated into a 0-100 scale for each category, as well as an overall Christmas score, for a full ranking.

When all the factors are weighed together, North Dakota is the third-highest ranking state in terms of overall Christmas Spirit, with a total search engine score of 682 (88.01 per 100,000 people). While other articles would imply that we’ve been low on holiday cheer over the last years, 2022’s search results seem to show an incredible positive uptick in our Christmas spirit.

Here’s a breakdown of North Dakota’s average search engine score for every Christmas search term weighed in the survey.

Search TermSearch Engine Score (0-100) in North Dakota
Christmas Gifts84
Christmas Tree57
Christmas Songs61
Christmas Movies74
Christmas Lights47
Christmas Decorations52
Advent Calendar62
Christmas Cards100
Gingerbread House56
Santa Claus70
Total Score682

While many of ND’s high scores could be partially responsible for propelling us to the top of the list, it’s our interest in Christmas cards that secures third place. North Dakotans have a perfect 100 score when it comes to searches for the holiday greetings, but this is balanced out by one of the lower scores in searches for Mistletoe. It would seem that we’re not in the mood for holiday romances this year.

All together, North Dakota’s Christmas Spirit based on these search terms comes out to a score of 80.86 when normalized, putting us as the third-most ‘Christmassy’ state in America. We’re only beaten out by Wyoming, which boasts perfect scores in searches for Christmas gifts and Christmas songs, and Vermont, which shows high interest in Christmas movies and Advent Calendars.

StateFinal Christmas Spirit Score
North Dakota80
South Dakota69
District of Columbia59
Rhode Island58
New Hampshire56
Top ten States with highest Christmas Spirit Scores, according to VentureSmarter survey

With every burst of holiday cheer, though, there are a few Grinches, and in the study, VentureSmarter found three. California, Texas, and New York all received the lowest possible results on the chart, with each earning a Christmas Spirit score of zero. The reasons for this are believed to be a simple lack of interest mixed with the warm climates of each state.

A full list of the individual and overall scores of each state can be found on this page.