MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Yesterday, KX shared some of the top breweries listed on Yelp for the Bismarck and Mandan areas. Now, it’s time to take a look at Minot’s nightlife. In a search for the highest-rated bars, pubs, and breweries in the area, there were quite a few high-rated picks that received amazing ratings. Here’s a list of the top five places to grab a drink in the Minot area, according to their Yelp reviews. Again, keep in mind that these ratings are set solely by the rating quality over the number of reviewers. Cheers to a second helping of great brews and great times in North Dakota!

#1- Atypical Brewery & Barrel Works (5/5, 10 reviews)

510 Central Avenue East, Closed Mondays

Atypical boasts a perfect score from every reviewer who’s discussed it, and when looking at it from a reviewer’s perspective, it’s easy to see why. With a huge variety of brews including a rotating tap, outdoor seating, and frequent events for the community, the little place is widely regarded as a hotspot. for those seeking a good drink and a place to spend the evening. Wise advice from a reviewer: if they ask if you’d like to ‘poke your bock’, say yes.

#2- Blue Rider (4.5/5, 15 reviews)

118 1st Avenue Southeast, Open Daily

While there was some confusion in the previous article on what was defined as a ‘bar’ by Yelp standards, Blue Rider for sure fits the bill. Referred to by reviewers as one of the best dive bars in ND, with an amazing selection of wine, beer, and cider, and fantastic food options ranging from pizza to grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s clearly a place with a lot of character and spirit, and with plans to add liquor this month, that last word will soon be quite literal!

#3- Whiskey Nine (4.5/5, 12 reviews)

109 West Central Avenue, Open Daily

There are actually three major portions to Whiskey Nine: a top floor open to family, a lower one for adults only, and a selection of golf simulators. Guests can enjoy a selection of drinking food and fine dining, with a specially-crafted cocktail menu. If you’re a golf fan, you can even enjoy their indoor golf league!

#4- Ironhorse Kitchen + Bar (4.5/5, 11 reviews)

21 East Central Avenue, Closed Sundays

Another downtown staple, Ironhorse mixes good food with good drinks for an overall strong nightlife experience. If you’re in the mood for burgers in particular, Iron Horse is a perfect place — from mac and cheese burgers to huge trays of fries, there’s something here for everyone who loves the classic American gastropub experience, and kids are welcome to come along too.

#5- JL Beers Minot (4.5/5, 81 reviews)

2001 22nd Avenue Southwest, Open Daily

There isn’t much to be said about JL Beers — especially since Bismarck’s location also made the top five there — but it’s safe to say that the Minot location is just as good, featuring the burgers, fries, beers, and floats we know and love in both cities.

For a complete list of bars and breweries in Minot, visit this page on Yelp. Got any other lists you’d like to see of the hottest or highest-rated restaurants in town? Let us know at ndfirst@kxnet.com!