BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — We all love the nightlife to some degree here in North Dakota. From live music to group activities, and especially bars and breweries, there are plenty of places for one to go if they’re aching to spend a night on the town. But which ones are the most well-received, the most popular, or the ones you should avoid at all costs? That’s become much easier to determine thanks to the advent of review sites like Yelp. People often listen to reviews about their possible destinations before choosing one, and the right place can be the difference between a great and terrible night.

If you’re looking for the best breweries here in Bismarck-Mandan, we’ve got you covered. Here are Yelp’s statistics for the top five locations in the area, judged by both the number and quality of people’s ratings. We hope this convinces you to try one of these places out next time you’re looking to go out for a drink! Keep in mind that in many cases, the ranking is determined by the overall average of all ratings — not just the number of reviews.

#1- Buffalo Commons Brewery (5/5, 11 reviews)

2307 Memorial Hwy (Mandan), only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Mandan’s only entry into the top five is the highest-rated of them all, boasting almost entirely 5-star rankings. This small tap room boasts a huge collection of brews, including constantly-rotating seasonal fare, and their work can be seen in other bars across the state. In Mandan, though, it’s a great place to kick back, relax, and sample some of ND’s finest beverages on-site.

#2- Gideon’s Brewing Company (4.5/5, 13 reviews)

107 North Street 5th (Bismarck), closed Sundays

The company’s website proudly states ‘Feed The Lion!’, and if the lion in you craves a good drink, this is a great place to slake that thirst. With 16 unique beers on tap and game tables, plenty see this as a great place to hang out, and if you’re hungry, you can even order from Fireflour right next door. Pets are welcome to join in the fun as well!

#3- Bismarck Brewing (4.5/5, 13 reviews)

1100 Canada Street (Bismarck), closed Mondays

Comments on Bismarck Brewing cite it as one of the city’s best-kept brewing secrets, and after looking at the offerings on display, it’s easy to see why: they pair 10 unique beers with bar and pub favorites to create a two-story environment perfect for eating, relaxing, and of course, drinking.

#4- Laughing Sun Brewing (4.5/5, 145 reviews)

1023 East Front Avenue (Bismarck), open every day with varying hours

Anyone in town knows the Laughing Sun, and for the most part, that’s a good thing. The brewery not only offers a large selection of specialty brews, but live music on Fridays and Saturdays, Axe Throwing, and some of the (if not the) best BBQ in town (in this writer’s opinion, at least).

#5- JL Beers (4.5/5, 98 reviews)

217 North 3rd Street (Bismarck), open daily

We’re skipping down the list a little because many of the other entries on the list are full-service restaurants that happen to have bars (Yelp is a bit weird with its classifications). JL Beers is a staple of downtown Bismarck, and with a mixture of plenty of beer on tap and a good number of handcrafted burgers, it’s no surprise. This is one our reporter is quite familiar with — although he’s more partial to the fries and the 1919 Root Beer floats.

For a complete list of bars and breweries in the BisMan area, visit this Yelp page. Got any other lists you’d like to see of the hottest or highest-rated restaurants in town? Let us know at!