BOTTINEAU, N.D. (KXNET) — Your grandpa might have told you about life back in the 30s, when an ice cream cone cost a nickel. That’s around the time when the Pride Dairy Co-op opened its doors to farmers to drop off their extra cream. Now, they’ve scooped up a new plan that will make that North Dakota accent come out when you say “‘Oh!’, that’s good”.

“A lot of people when they eat our ice cream, they usually start out with ‘Oh!’, and we use that term a lot in the Midwest,” said Pride Dairy’s owner Kriss Allard. “So, we messed around with three different names, and that one stuck.”

For nearly a century, Pride Dairy has been the one-stop shop for all things cream. From milk and cheese to butter and treats, the dairy cornucopia starts and ends on Thompson Street. And 90 years since its initial inception, Pride Dairy is taking on a new feat — with their Oh! Ice Cream brand serving as the forefront of their national venture.

“The super-premium has less overrun,” explained Allard. “It’s a little creamier, with the same butter fat — but we pack a lot more ingredients and inclusions in there, so you’ll notice that in the smaller containers.”

For the first time ever, the dairy’s bold flavors will be packed into a pint-sized tub. Along with the traditional flavors we know and love, ice cream experts are scooping up some new savory tastes like Peanut Butter Chocolate Fluffernutter and a coffee-based cream called Gold Digger. They are also rolling out new stroopwaffle ice cream sandwiches, with waffles made in-house.

“My favorite is the June Berry Cheesecake,” said the Dairy’s Supervisor Dixie Pasicznyk. “I think you should definitely try that one. It’s the best of both worlds, a cheesecake and our famous June Berry ice cream.”

The organization intends to create, produce, and distribute the new ice cream right from its original parlor in Bottineau. Even though this new premium ice cream aims to put Pride Dairy into freezers all around the U.S., leaders say they will continue to keep its small-town North Dakota flavor and roots — and that the cherry on top of expanding the horizons of Pride Dairy is showing people nationwide what North Dakota can bring to the table.

“It’s still handcrafted by Pride Dairy right here in this plant,” Allard states. “The name’s different, but it’s still the same great people in the back putting the stuff together. We’re going to stick to our guns, make super premium Ice Cream, and try not to cut costs. I think the key is going to be being big enough to be competitive, but still small enough to care.”

The new brand of ice cream is already being sold across North Dakota and the region, but the pint-sized tubs will be available nationwide at the beginning of 2024.