Dozens of North Dakota Veterans are in the nation’s capital today after boarding the Western North Dakota Honor Flight from Bismarck this morning.

It was an exciting early morning for dozens of North Dakota Veterans departing from Bismarck.

Western North Dakota Honor Flight carried them to the nation’s capital.

During the long flight the veterans did stretching to keep their blood flowing.

Upon arrival at the Baltimore, airport, they were treated with a salute from the airport’s fire department spraying water over the plane.

Once deboarding, they were greeted by The North Dakota National Guard.

“That really touched me because we didn’t expect that, and I didn’t know that they were going to be here, the next thing I hear is a clap and I like how did they know we were here,” said Airforce Veteran, Willard Rose.

The North Dakota Veterans are in D.C. to tour National Memorials and important landmarks as a way to be honored for their service.

The veterans also went to the Iwo Jima Memorial and stood for the changing of the Guard ceremony at the Arlington Ceremony.

The Veterans have one more day of touring.
They are scheduled to land back in Bismarck tomorrow evening at 8 PM.