The latest addition to Apple Creek Farm in Southeast Bismarck is getting a lot of attention.

There’s a little cottage just off Old highway 10, that’s getting a lot of buzz.

“It looked like it was straight out of a movie,” said Apple Creek guest, Sabrina Lee.

Owning the 40-acre farm has been a life-long dream of ReNay Zundel’s.

After moving 26 times, she tells me, she’s happy to finally plant some roots in Bismarck.

“All of our relatives are here. So, we decided this is the place we would retire. It wasn’t our intention. It definitely wasn’t on our radar, but it’s been an excellent move,” said ReNay Zundel, Owner, Apple Creek Farm.

Her family has been working hard to renovate the farm, and have even started running THIS air BNB.

The farm has a lot of history. It was once a granary and horse-training facility.

Zundel says the cottage is where hired hands used to stay, and it needed a lot of love.

“We gutted it and started from scratch. We could see the augury marks on the floor from when it was a granary. We did all the work ourselves with the help of a friend. It was a lot of Pinterest pictures and just making it our own,” said Zundel.

We spoke to one woman whose family stayed in the cottage for three weeks, while waiting to move in to their new home.

“It was a nice change of pace. It made me reconsider whether I should have purchased a house in the country or in the city, because this is really fun,” said Lee.

She also tells us the experience has brought her family closer together.

“We’d wake up and we’d make something fun for breakfast. Like waffles or pancakes. We would leave the cottage and go straight to the barn, and the we would stop at the alpacas and we would play with them,” said Lee.

Zundel says Apple Creek has not only been a passion project, but she also feels like it’s filling a need in the community by giving their guests a taste of authentic, North Dakota Farm-life.

“It did bring our family closer together, because we didn’t have other distractions. This is definitely a unique experience. I have not been invited to other farms around Bismarck to hang out with the animals, and so this is really special,” said Lee.

Zundel says even though they’re getting a lot of requests to host birthday parties and weddings, they are not open for public events.

You may visit their alpacas by scheduling an appointment, but keep in mind, there is currently a waiting list.

Anyone who wants to stay at the cottage, can book a reservation through AirBNB.