MINOT, ND (KXNET) — You may want to visit the Roosevelt Park Zoo soon to bid farewell to the three Amur tiger cubs that were born at the zoo in March 2022.

Since then, the new tiger habitat has been home to two adult tigers, Viktor and Zoya, and the three cubs, Viktoria, Dmitri and Luka.

Amur cubs Viktoria, Dmitri and Luka. (Roosevelt Park Zoo)

Exact dates haven’t been set yet, but the move is expected to happen “soon.” Viktoria will likely be the first to leave, followed shortly by the boys, Dimitri and Luka, who will remain together when they move to their new home.

At this point, the adult tiger, Viktor, who has been at the Roosevelt Park Zoo since 2013, has already been transferred to his new home in Denver.

The transfers are the result of recommendations by the Amur Tiger Species Survival Program.

But it’s not all bad news for the zoo. During the same transfer period, the zoo will receive a new male tiger that the Amur Tiger Species Survival Program is hoping will breed with Zoya. Breeding efforts so far at the male tiger’s current institution have been unsuccessful, so the species survival program is hoping he will fare better with Zoya at the Roosevelt Park Zoo.

It is estimated between 265 and 486 Amur tigers remain in the wild in the far east of Russia and in parts of neighboring China.

With the mild weather expected this weekend and into next week, this may be a great time for seeing the tigers once more before they move to their new homes.