Torrential rain, landslides, wildfires, strong wind: weather headlines from around the globe

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Here are a few weather-related events that are making global headlines.

We start here at home with Tropical Storm Elsa, which impacting the coast of Florida. It is just under a Cat 1 hurricane status with winds of 65 MPH. It’s expected to dump up to 8 inches of rain with possible tornadoes. Flash flooding is a threat from Florida to SE Virginia over the next few days. Elsa has already caused damage in other counties. The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency reporting three deaths between St. Lucia and the Dominican Republic.

Next, we head across the globe to Atami, Japan which is 62 miles south of Tokyo. After days of heavy rain, this popular coastal town has been devastated by a landslide that has killed at least four with 80 people still unaccounted for. Over 1,500 rescuers are searching through the debris to find survivors. Up to 300 homes have been damaged. There were several other landslides throughout the region. Rail service was halted over the weekend with many roads blocked as well.

From too much rain… to a wildfire. Now we head to the eastern Mediterranean to Cyprus. A 67-year-old man has been arrested in connection with burning tree limbs in very dry grass. Strong winds exacerbated the fire that would go on to be called Cyprus’ worst fire in decades. Strong winds fanned the flames to over 13-thousand acres in under two hours. It’s now under control but not after claiming the lives of four Egyptian nationals.

Antarctica set a new record with the highest temperature ever recorded on the continent. It was just verified days ago by the World Meteorological Organization. An all-time high temperature of 64.94 degrees was recorded at the Argentine Esperanza Research Station in February of 2020.

Speaking of Antiarcia… it happens to be the coldest place on earth today with a temperature of -94°.
The hottest place on earth is in Kuwait at 122°… and the wettest place on earth in the last 24 hours is in Fengjei, Cina with just under 11 inches of rain.

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