Trinity Nursing Home in Minot has been put on outbreak status as required by the state.

Six staff and some residents at the long-term care facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

It is unclear when these cases were recorded, but news of it emerged last week.

At the time he spoke to KX News, Vice President of Trinity Health Randy Schwan said he did not know how many residents had caught the virus, but assured relatives of residents extra precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe.

“Over time we’ve been trying to relax our visitation rules and we got to a point where it was fairly loose again but with these positive tests recently, they are required to limit access to the facility from the public,” said Schwan.

He said they are doing their best to contain the spread and that’s why restrictions have been tightened at the nursing home.

“We’re limiting visitations. Whoever comes into the nursing homes will have to be screened appropriately and will observe social distancing and masking when they do make their visitation,” he said.

Additionally, relatives wishing to visit residents and all other members of the public will have to book an appointment in order to have access to the building, according to Schwan.

Authorities say an increase in community spread has a direct impact on nursing homes.

The Director of Emergency Planning at North Dakota Longterm Care Association, Vanessa Raile is urging people to get vaccinated.

“We are urging family members and visitors to get vaccinated and then when they come into the facility wearing masks, washing their hands, keeping their distance, you know, it’s really nice when a resident is vaccinated and the family member is then you can take those mitigation efforts away,” said Raile.

Statewide, there are now 236 positive cases at long-term care facilities.

Schwan said, “Families should take some comfort in knowing that we are very very vigilant about not spreading the virus within the facility and we’re trying to stop it where it’s at right now.”