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Veterans Voices: Jake Lockrem served our country, and now he enjoys serving food to the people of Minot

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Jake Lockrem was born and raised in Minot. He was even stationed here when he was in the Air Force.

“Minot has a way of bringing you back home,” said Lockrem, a veteran and the owner of the Ironhorse Kitchen + Bar in Minot.

He served in the Air Force for six years and unfortunately, the 2011 flood destroyed most of his pictures in his uniform.

However, the memories are still fresh in his mind.

“I’ve always been proud to be an American and wanting to serve my country,” said Lockrem. “Long history in the military in my family going back generations, even predating the United States.”

He came from a military family, but also a big food family.

In 2018, Lockrem started his own business, the Dakota Burger food truck.

“I grew up in a family that cooked,” said Lockrem. “My dad always was basically the one that cooked for us majority of the time and he came from a cooking family. Anytime we’d have family get-togethers, it was always way too much food.”

He eventually moved into a building in downtown Minot, and after recently moving once more, he opened the Ironhorse Kitchen + Bar.

Still, years after his time in the Air Force, he applies the teamwork he’d learned in the military to the work he does today.

“Everything we do here, not one person can do by themselves,” said Lockrem. “They say that the cliche that ‘teamwork makes the dream work,’ but it’s really true. without all the staff that we have here, none of this would be possible.”

Just a couple of weeks in, Lockrem says the turnout has been great.

“It’s been phenomenal,” said Lockrem. “I did not expect the kind of response that we got. I knew that we had good products, but I didn’t expect the numbers that turned out for it.”

His appreciation for our country also shows in the Ironhorse with a wall honoring all U.S. military branches.

“Had it over at DBC,” said Lockrem. “It’s just like I said I have a fairly long history with my own family in almost every branch. It’s my way of recognizing, especially here with the Air Force base, but just everybody who has served.”

Lockrem has advice for those who are considering serving our country.

“Kinda the same thing that I would tell somebody looking to open a business,” said Lockrem. “Do your research. There’s six different branches now. There’s a plethora of options for what you can and can’t do. Look at what your interests are, what kind of jobs are available in every service.”

The Ironhorse Kitchen + Bar opened just last week and is open seven days a week.

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