About 80 volunteers were sent out to Medora this weekend to spruce up its 21-year-old Children’s Park.

They stained the playground, poured new mulch, and of course, had some fun while they were at it.

In 2001, this park was built by volunteers in less than a week.

These years later, some of the same volunteers who were there back in 2001, were there once again today with generations of help.

“I called my dad, called grandpa up, and said ‘you know what? let’s go do this,'” Nic Cullen said. “And so my kids, I have three kids now, they always want to go to Grandpa’s park once we get to Medora so that’s always our first stop when we get into town.”

The CEO of Bravera Bank was also there to cut the ribbon for the park’s grand re-opening since Bravera donated the funds to make way for the needed renovations.